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March 06, 2022 2 min read

CBDa What Is CBDa?

CBDa, or cannabidiolic acid, is one of over one hundred phytocannabinoids found in both cannabis species hemp and marijuana. Alongside other acidic cannabinoids like CBGa and THCa, it is one of the most essential cannabinoids found in cannabis.

Most CBD users, are unaware that CBD starts out as CBDa. In fact, all cannabinoids begin life as acids. The whole process starts with cannabigerolic acid (CBGa), which is called the "mother of all cannabinoids." During the plant's lifespan, CBGa converts into other cannabinoid acids through molecular changes. It transforms into different cannabinoid compounds.

Some people believe that CBDa is upto 10x more effective than CBD and has benefits that are slightly different from CBD. Research is still in its early days but hopefully we will have answers in the near future.

CBDa Benefits:

Like all cannabinoids, CBDa interacts with the endocannabinoid system. Many of those familiar with CBD probably know that this cannabinoid is unique as it works to inhibit the reuptake of other endocannabinoids.

CBDa is similar to CBD, instead of binding to receptors, it inhibits the cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) enzyme, associated with pain and inflammation. 

Research into CBDa is just beginning, with the majority of studies focusing on rodent models. Far more research is needed to understand this compound and its true potential.

Other research which was carried out focused on using CBDa as an anti-emetic, meaning that it could be helpful in combating nausea alongside acting as an anticonvulsant.

These studies are fairly similar to the emerging research on CBD, which is to be expected given the vital link between these two compounds.


Buying CBDa Products Online:

Looking to buy CBDa products online is a good idea since many online retailers have very high quality products with prices the high street can not match, the compound is also non-intoxicating, so there is no need to worry about getting ‘high’. 

CBDa products are sold online, so cannabinoid fans have a chance to try this new compound and see if it is different from CBD.

When purchasing CBDa products a quick search of google your sure to find a product that is right for your needs, make sure to do the your research and find a brand that has been established for many years, have good reviews offers and have lab reports available.


Cannabidiolic acid commonly known as CBDa, is an acidic compound from both cannabis species hemp and marijuana. It is the precursor to CBD, and just like its precursor, it could have some potential health benefits. Research is still in its early days, one of the cannabinoid's potential uses could be for inflammation.

Currently no research exists on CBDa in humans, but it is considered safe. As a result, CBD users may wish to try CBDa to see how it affects them compared to CBD.

A combination of CBD and CBDa could create a powerful entourage effect when combined with other cannabinoids, many users already finding success. Hopefully, as the popularity of these products grows, more scientists will take a more closer look at this compound and its potential uses.

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