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May 02, 2022 4 min read

What is CBD Distillate?


CBD oil comes in many different forms and purity’s, products etc another term that keeps popping up and it seems confuses a lot of people is cbd distillate, cbd distillate is a 100% full spectrum hemp extract that has been distilled in ethanol, this method produces over 90% cannabinoids, our 99% full spectrum CBD oilis extracted from hemp using this method, many people do actually call it Full Spectrum CBD distillate, but we think it is better to leave it out as it’s just the extraction method that is used. All our full spectrum CBD and CBG oil products are made from our full spectrum hemp extract also known to some people as pure cbd distillate, another CBD distillate product we have is a CBD distillate vape cartridge with cannabis derived terpenes, this has got to be one of the best cbd vape products available in the uk, everyone who has tried the cbd terp tank says that nothing on the high street or online comes close for the quality and flavour of the cannabis derived terpenes that kicks in once you have inhaled,  the average CBD vape you can buy in your high street shop normally only contains around 100mg CBD and are priced around £3.99, the reason why suppliers use the term CBD distillate is unclear because cbd vape and CBD oil come in distillate form.


Pure CBD Distillate:

Since pure cbd distillate come to the CBD market around 2018 it has become increasingly popular amongst the hardcore CBD oil users who are looking for  a high strength CBD oil.

Two of our CBD distillate products are pure cbd distillate our terp tank and 99% full spectrum cbd oil are uncut full spectrum CBD distillate, this type of extract is not available in the high street stores like Asda and Superdrug, the only place you will find CBD distillate products like this is your local head shop or you will also find a few online CBD shops in the uk where you will find some amazing cbd distillate for sale in vape and oil form.


CBD distillate cartridge UK:

Our terp tank CBD distillate cartridge is a high terpene full spectrum extract, it contains around five different cannabinoids and over fifteen cannabis derived terpenes, the flavours are amazing, out of all our customers who have purchased a CBD terp tank 80% got back to us with positive feedback giving it top marks out of ten and that it is one of the best cbd distillate cartridge in the uk,  this is one hundred percent cbd distillate cartridge with over 50% total cannabinoids and terpenes making up over 30% of the total purity, anyone looking for cbd distillate vape online will not be disappointed if you happen to purchase a cbd terp tank it is also only £29.99 for 1 gram.


Full Spectrum CBD distillate:

All our full spectrum CBD and CBG oils are made from the finest full spectrum CBD distillate with naturally occurring cannabinoids, all our CBD oils contain five or more cannabinoids with the main three being CBD, CBDV and CBG and other minor cannabinoids including THC and THCV, it is important to have a range of at least three or more cannabinoids in a full spectrum CBD oil and to be all naturally occurring, meaning no added CBD isolate. In one of the surveys we took out last autumn on CBD distillate, the majority of people who had tried our 10% full spectrum distillate said it was the best they had tried because oil has a nice brown tint that the other CBD oil brands in the uk don’t have, which makes people confident they are buying CBD oil that has been made from a full spectrum extract and not isolated cannabinoids like a lot of CBD brands sell.


Buy CBD distillate Online:

Your best option for buying the best CBD distillate uk is online, the high street stores that sell CBD oil just do not come close in terms of purity, quality and price! So basically everything you could wish for when purchasing CBD oil online, how much does CBD distillate cost online compared to the high street? You can pick up 1000mg full spectrum CBD oil online for around £25-£30 whereas in the high street stores you will be paying around £50-£60 which is double the price! There really is no need to be looking for CBD oil on the high street in 2022, not when you can buy it online from your phone in as little as five minutes with some companies offering free delivery, the CBD oil will be posted through your letter box in as little as 2 days later, which for many people who have a hectic lifestyle and don’t have enough time to travel into the city centre this is the perfect option plus your actually getting ten times better quality CBD distillate and the price is half that on the high street, we think everyone needs to be made aware of the CBD oil that is available on the internet, with a clear understanding of what type of CBD oil you are purchasing when you buy online and the phone number is on the contact us page so you can easily pick up the phone and speak to someone who might have a whole range of knowledge regarding CBD oil, whereas on the high street the shops don’t have any knowledge at all to share with customers, to speak to us about our range of CBD distillate products contact us now by phone or email and we can guarantee you will not be disappointed by the service we have to offer.



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