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March 27, 2022 3 min read


Today we take a look at our ethanol extracted full spectrum hemp extract which we make our 2000mg full spectrum cbd oil from, and take a look at how it is different from the majority of the full spectrum hemp extracts available to buy in the United Kingdom, so what makes our full spectrum hemp extract better than all the other cbd oil brands in the uk?
Firstly it is 100% cannabis oil extracted from hemp, the cannabinoids are also naturally occurring which is very important when one is looking to buy full spectrum CBD oil in the uk, a lot of manufacturers making CBD oil products add CBD isolate to there full spectrum hemp extract to increase the the cannabidiol (CBD) purity, the reason behind this is to lower the controlled cannabinoid content to below legal levels, the controlled cannabinoids ie thc, thcv and cbn in full spectrum hemp extracts can range from under one percent to over three percent and the only way to bring the levels below the legal limit is to add CBD isolate, which then turns the extract into a solid, having a solid full spectrum extract can be a challenge, each time the user wants to use the oil they have to place it in a cup of warm water to loosen it up, we’re as our extract is free flowing which makes it easier for the user to use.


What cannabinoids are in our full spectrum hemp extract?

The main cannabinoids in our 100% full spectrum extract are cannabidiol (CBD) 60%+, Cannabigerol (CBG) 5%+ and Cannabidivarin (cbdv) 20%+, there are also minor cannabinoids which include tetrahydrocannabinol (thc) tetrahydrocannabivarin (thcv) and cannabinol (cbn), with total purity over 90%+, with the rest of the extract being made up of terpenes and flavonoids making it 100% cannabis oil, from this full spectrum hemp extract we take 2000mg full spectrum CBD extract and infuse it in mct oil then put into a 10ml dropper bottle to have a 20% full spectrum CBD oil.


How to use our full spectrum hemp extract.

There are so many uses for our pure cbd oil, it can be applied directly to the skin in its raw cbd form and massaged in slowly, it can also be added to a range of cosmetic products including cbd balm which can be rubbed into the skin to treat a range of conditions including sore muscles and stiff joints, it can also be infused into a cream to treat a range of health conditions like eczema, psoriasis and inflammation.

The most popular way to use our 100% full spectrum cbd extract is sublinguall, placing a small amount the size of a grain of rice in between your gum and cheek and letting it dissolve into the blood stream. To purchase our 100% full spectrum cbd extract head over to the product page


What is the strongest CBD I can buy?

Full spectrum CBD oil is the strongest CBD product because it has a range of cannabinoids that all work together to create what is known as the “entourage effect” the purity of full spectrum CBD oil ranges from as little as 5% purity upto around 50% purity when infused in mct oil.

Our 10% full spectrum CBD oil has 1000mg and 20% full spectrum CBD oil has 2000mg full spectrum hemp extract per bottle.

Our pure 100% full spectrum CBD extract with no carrier oil added is around 90% total cannabinoids which makes it the highest purity 100% cannabis oil extracted from hemp available in the uk.



Well to sum up our full spectrum cbd you would have to say there is no better CBD oil available in the uk with cannabinoids reaching a purity of over 90% and controlled cannabinoids staying below the legal level, It is the highest purity full spectrum CBD oil available in the uk, with endless uses in cosmetic products we would highly recommend our full spectrum cbd oil to anyone who wants a 100% cannabis oil to infuse into a cbd balm or cbd cream, there really is no better option available in the cbd oil uk industry.

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