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June 18, 2023 3 min read


Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has been widely recognized for its potential health and wellness benefits, and it has gained popularity among people in Liverpool who are interested in natural supplements. CBD oil has been known to promote relaxation, relieve anxiety, help with pain management, and improve sleep quality. The use of CBD oil has also been found to treat several medical conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and cancer.


However, not all CBD oil is created equal. Some companies may use low-quality ingredients or subpar methods during extraction to produce a low-quality product. It is therefore essential for customers in Liverpool to ensure they purchase CBD oil from a reputable company with a quality product that meets their individual needs. That's where Kannakan comes in.


Kannakan Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Kannakan is a UK-based company that produces 100% full spectrum CBD oil of superior quality. Kannakan CBD oil is extracted from pure organic hemp flowers, using a chemical-free CO2 extraction process, resulting in a clean and highly potent pure natural product.


The main reason why Kannakan stands out from other UK-based CBD oil companies such as Cannaray, is that Kannakan's products are full spectrum. Full spectrum CBD oil contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, including over five cannabinoids, providing the entourage effect where all the cannabinoids work together to provide a more significant therapeutic effect than any single component would have alone.


However, Cannaray and other companies in the UK only use two isolated cannabinoids to make a broad-spectrum CBD oil, which is an inferior CBD oil compared to Kannakan.


Why Choose Kannakan?


1. High-quality Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Kannakan Full Spectrum CBD Oil is uniquely formulated to include all of the naturally occurring compounds in the pure organic hemp flowers used in the production process and not isolated cannabinoids. This makes it highly potent, delivering the maximum potential health benefits of CBD oil.



2. Third-Party Lab Reports


Kannakan is committed to transparency and ensures all their CBD oil products undergo third-party laboratory testing. The lab reports confirm the purity and potency of their CBD oil products, and they are readily accessible for customers to view on their website.


3. 20% Discount on their products


Kannakan offers customers in Liverpool the opportunity to enjoy a 20% discount when they purchase from their website using code "SAVE20."


4. Free and Fast UK Delivery


Kannakan offers its customers in Liverpool free UK delivery on orders over £30, and all orders are shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Customers do not have to wait long to receive their products.




If you are in Liverpool and looking to buy CBD oil online, Kannakan comes highly recommended. Choosing Kannakan offers you access to high-quality, pure and potent full spectrum CBD oil products. The company's ingredients are organic, and they undergo third-party lab testing to confirm purity and potency. Additionally, Kannakan goes the extra mile to offer you free and fast UK delivery, a 20% discount on their products when using code "SAVE20," as well as excellent customer support.


Don't settle for subpar CBD oil products available in the UK, choose Kannakan for unmatched quality and effectiveness.

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