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April 13, 2022 5 min read


In this months article we will be looking at the many towns and cities across Scotland who now have a loyal CBD oil following and the CBD products that have become most popular in high street stores all over Scotland.


We also want to take a look at the price, form of CBD used and the purity, with many different types of CBD oil on the market and not enough clear information for customers to understand what they are buying it can be quite a challenge for a beginner finding there way through all the misleading cbd brands in the United Kingdom. We want to make people aware of the best CBD oil scotland before it’s too late and end up paying over the top for a low purity CBD oil.



If your in Glasgow looking online deciding on which CBD oil you want to buy and don’t no if it is better to buy online or glasgow city centre and also don’t understand what you are looking at, we could just have the perfect match for you.

Where to buy CBD oil Glasgow?
The most popular CBD product bought by people from Glasgow on our website is CBD wax it has become popular for melting on rizla smoking papers and heating in a vaporising device with some of our loyal customers.

We have three different strength of full spectrum cbd oils in 5%, 10% and 20% also known as CBD distillate. We also have a 100% pure full spectrum CBD oil which as gained a lot of fans over the past three years, there are also a lot of high street stores selling CBD oil in Glasgow city centre like Holland and barrett, there you can find cbd brands such as love hemp and Jacob hooy which can be over priced and can have a low purity level and some of the CBD oil these brands sell are made from CBD isolate so customers need to be careful and read the instructions to see if it is full spectrum CBD and how many milligrams of CBD is in the bottle.



There are hundreds of shops in Edinburgh selling CBD oil products from high street stores like Superdrug to small head shops in Edinburgh city centre when we ask our customers what they like about buying CBD online the answer is always the same the quality is not as good and the price is too high.

There is no shortage of places to shop to find CBD oil products but sometimes the shops just don’t have the high purity and reasonable priced full spectrum CBD oil you can find online there you can find some really high quality CBD oils. We have many returning customers from Edinburgh who are big fans of our 100% full spectrum hemp extract who keep coming back for more maybe this is because it is one premium CBD oil product you will not find on the high street and even online CBD shops.



Dundee is one of the biggest cities in Scotland with almost 150,000 residents with such a big city it’s hard to believe there is not a Dundee CBD shop in the city centre selling the highest quality CBD oil for the people of dundee, luckily nowadays you don’t need a physical location to purchase products, everything can now be done from the comfort of your own home with your mobile phone or a laptop computer, just a quick search on google for CBD oil uk or CBD oil will result in hundreds of CBD oil websites were you will be spoiled for choice even though many of these websites have got no knowledge, if your buying CBD oil to treat something look on the websites contact us page for a phone number or email address if they don’t have a phone number for customers to contact them straight away and ask what knowledge they have for the CBD oil they sell and if they just say it can treat anxiety or depression they don’t really no anything about full spectrum hemp extracts true potential, you can contact us by phone and discuss the issue you have maybe we have the right CBD oil for your problem.



If the high street stores don’t have the CBD oil you are looking for, and you have time to wait for two to three days for delivery searching google(link) for CBD oil or the best CBD oil uk you will find many cbd websites claiming to have the highest strength cbd oil in Scotland, to be sure you are buying the highest strength cbd oil check the lab reports and if the company does not have readily available CBD lab reports it’s better to look elsewhere, you can buy full spectrum CBD oil from kannakan in three different strengths, we only sell full spectrum CBD oil because we believe the whole plant is responsible for all the amazing story’s you hear every day regarding CBD oil, our CBD oil is made from ethanol extracted distilled 100% full spectrum hemp extract with a purity of over 90% cannabinoids, the majority of the full spectrum CBD oil on the uk market is made with added CBD isolate which we think ruins the extract, the CBD brands selling it don’t even realise CBD isolate has been added to there full spectrum extract, this is what separates our 100% full spectrum hemp extract(link) from the rest of the CBD oil brands in the United Kingdom, it is untouched with naturally occurring cannabinoids and over 90% purity making it the highest strength cbd oil available in the uk.




If you live in Scotland and couldn’t find the right CBD oil for your needs on the high street we are actually not surprised because there is no high quality CBD in Scotland on the high street, that is why everyone seems to find themselves online looking for CBD in Scotland and to anyone interested in CBD products for there health and well-being we would highly recommend our 100% full spectrum hemp extract with a cannabinoid purity of over 90% this high strength CBD oil is achieved with ethanol extraction, we have a discount code for new customers which is “kanna10” this will give you ten percent of all CBD products on the website.

Our ethanol extracted full spectrum cbd distillate also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to other processes commonly used for whole plant cannabis extractions. Ethanol can be recovered and re-used between batches, making this method considerably more environmentally friendly than other methods such as supercritical CO2 or butane extraction methods.

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